Onorio Depiro's custom "Mecha" Cavey for 3rd Birthday Party group show!

 photo cavey-mech.jpg
How about another custom Cavey teaser for the previously announced group custom show celebrating Cavey's Third Birthday?!?!? Yeah!!!! This go around we are getting a really revealing shot of an EPIC custom Cavey Mech created by Onorio Depiro... yeah... just look at that thing! Not much is done to the actualy vinyl Cavey... at least not from what we can see from the image above, but this small little 3" figure is at the helm of something quite extraordinary, a mech that Onorio created from scratch... and hot damn does it look good!

"Vinyl Cavey Custom Show" will be held on May 31st 2013 from 8-11PM local time at Fleet River Bakery, 71 Lincolns Inn Fields , London , WC2A 3JF. For priority availability to purchase pieces from the show, you should join the preview list HERE.

Participating artists include: Ali Coleman, Chaukoskis, Cris Rose, DMS, Doktor A, DrilOne, Jay222, Jon-Paul Kaiser, J★RYU, Gary Ham, George Gaspar, Haus of Boz, Jake Waldron, Jeremiah Ketner, Kerry Dyer, Lady Lauren Loves, Leecifer, Lisa Rae Hansen, Luke Chueh, Lunabee, Matt JOnes, MAp-MAp, Mike Strick, Mister Lister, Okkle, Onell Design, Onorio Depiro, Peskimo, Phil Corbett, Planet Domu, Podgy Panda, RunDMB, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Sergey Safonov, Squink, Stitches and Glue, The Sucklord, The Tarantulas, and Triclops.

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