Kerry Dyer's "Taming of the Brew" Custom Lunartiks in Renaissance Fashion!

The relatively new customizer and resin maker Kerry Dyer — who does have tons of experience as stop motion puppet and prop maker — has taken a stab at her very first custom toy artist series: the "Taming of the Brew," using Lunartik in a Mini Cup of Tea figures. She carefully recrafted each piece into a unique English Renaissance identity, each inspired by a character from a Shakespearean work (much like the title of the series is): Malvolio, Hamlet, Ophelia, Katherina (pictured above), and Petruchio. These five figures, which comprise Series 1 of "Taming of the Brew," are all currently available in Dyer's online shop for £40 (approx. $61.50) apiece.

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