Joe Ledbetter x The loyal Subjects - Chaos Bunny "Snow" eidtion releasing 04/04/2013

 photo Joeledbetter-SnowBunny-LoyalSubjects.jpg
Who's ready for the next Joe Ledbetter "Chaos Bunnies" colorway... well, Joe is as he just announced his always popular Snow Bunny colorway! Featuring the same vibrant blue colors Joe uses in all his "snow" edition figures, Snow Bunny will be a super cool addition to your collection. "Living atop the polar ice cap, Snow Bunny has adapted to the most frigid climate on the planet. He loves to eat raw fish, whale watch, snowboard, and can tunnel beneath the snow at lightning speed. Although he portrays a shy coolness, he can have quite a hot temper when it comes to politics." Limited to just 250 figures, Snow Bunny will be releasing this Thursday, April 4th 2013 at 12noon PST exclusively on theloyalsubjects.com. This giant 10-inch tall vinyl figure, produced by The Loyal Subjects, comes packaged in a fantastic jumbo-sized (and re-sealable) blister pack, and will retail for $135 a pop! If you have the other versions this is a must... and even if you don't, this particular piece is a welcome addition to any vinyl toy collection!

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