JC Rivera vs. Nerviswr3k: The Sculpt & Swap Blind Box Custom Series!

Well, hot damn! Urban Vinyl Daily are at it again! The return of their amazing Sculpt & Swap blind box Dunny series is here, following up the fantastic Series 1 with two amazing customizers who each sculpted five Dunnys and then traded with the other for painting. So who is in the "UVD Sculpt & Swap Series 2"? JC Rivera and Nerviswr3k! The only detriment to using two such unique artists in a concept like this is that the iconic look of their sculpts almost overrides everything else; in other words, instead of a true collaboration, Nerviswr3k's pieces still look like his pieces, even though they were painted by Rivera. Regardless of that one "failing" (and is using talent ever a failing?), all of these pieces are exquisitely executed in every which way possible. Sold blind box style, these will be available on Thursday, April 16th, 2013 at 9AM Pacific time in the UVD online store for $100 each.

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