Jason Freeny's final Dunny custom "Cheese" on eBay right now!

A little back story: Jason Freeny created an illustration entitled "Visible Vinyl," which clearly showed the imaginary inner workings of a Dunny, and was selling prints of the finished piece on his website. Kidrobot requested that Freeny cease & desist selling these prints, which Freeny did accordingly but — as per his standard stance in these matters — he will no longer work on Kidrobot products without their direct permission; so no more Dunny or Munny pieces from Freeny! And, before you get upset, Freeny wants to be clear that "there is no need to come down on KR about this, it is their intellectual property" that they were rightfully protecting. But due to this development, the 8-inch custom Dunny piece pictured herein will not only remain unpainted but might also be "the last KR item i work on." Entitled "Cheese," this absolutely amazingly sculpted piece has already been primed in white and is being sold 'as is' by Freeny on eBay. You can bid on the auction HERE, which ends on April 24th, 2013 at 9:24AM Pacific time.

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