"Destroyed" PapaBehr is now up for grabs!!!

 photo Destroyed-PapaBehr-Colored.jpg
The folks who launched the "PapaBehr" Kickstarter project are currently in their last week... and even though they hit thier goal a few weeks back, they are still pumping out stretch goals which was just hit!!! This means that their second toy, "Destroyed" PapaBehr, is now available to backers! Anyone who has pledged the 'Heroic' mode ($100) and up will receive the limited edition "Destroyed" PapaBehr. He's equipped with a detached bionic eye, detachable chest plate (so you can see his inner circuitry), and hand cannon! They are on their way to their second stretch goal of 50K: The Neo-Samurai Armour and Weapon Set... so head on over HERE now and back this cool project!!!

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