Android Artist Series 4!!!

 photo DEAD0058_zpsc365b2ee.jpg
Androids, Androids... EVERYWHERE!!! That's right folks... Series 3 seems like it was just released, and for those of you who have been fans since the get-go... it's time to get excited as Android Series 4 has been announced and is up for pre-order now! The popular 3" artist series returns in 2013! Each case contains 16 blind boxed figures which feature 13 different designs. Artists feature returning favorites including Andrew Bell, Kronk and Scott Tolleson as well as new additions to the Android family including Kong Andri and Sergio Mancini. These will retail for $8.50 a blind-box... so if you plan on getting some of these when they drop... be sure to tell your local retail shop to place an order through DKE Toys so they get them once released!

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