A trio of cutup commissions from Carson Catlin!

 photo carsoncatlin.jpg
Carson Catlin continues cutting constantly, and above are some of his recent custom commissions... beautiful! First up is his "Coelho" piece... a custom Joe Ledbetter 'Mutant Bunny' that features a bevy of cuts and a really nice pastel blue and pink color scheme. Carson mentions "I decided to be respectful to the lines of the original piece so that some of JLed's design was still there. You can notice it mostly in the eyes. It has a base coat of pink with a gradient purple back." It turned out so nice... and in person, I bet it's all that much more impressive. Up next is his "Reticulated Grin" piece that he created from Ron English's 'Smiley Grin' figure. I dig how he left the teeth in tact! Lastly is Carson's "Skull for Skull" custom based off The Beast Brothers "Calaverita" Skull that features an outer silver with inner black colors! Some really fun work!!! If you aren't already, follow Carson on Instagram HERE as he posts up WIP photos of all his projects!

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