Killer Bootlegs x Monster Kolor x Rockford Art Deli's "Toys Are Us" Show!

Killer Bootlegs has teamed up with Monster Kolor and the Rockford Art Deli to bring even more resin action figure goodness to the masses. The "Toys Are Us" group exhibition is set to include such talents as: 2bitHACK, 5.5 Customs, Battle Babies, BigManToys, Broken Pigeon, Cash Cannon (4 the Luv of Toyz NY), Concocted Curioddities, Davemarkart, Dead Hand Toys, Dead Presidents, Dubose Art, Evilos, Forces of Dorkness, Galaxxor (Ben Spencer), Giest Lab, Goodleg Toys, GUUMON, Hamfx, Hoakser, Kid Ink Industries, Killer Bootlegs, ManOrMonster?, Mechavirus, MonsterArm, Motorbot, Suckadelic, The Mark Ultra, Wasted Talent and We Become Monsters.

The "Toys Are Us" group exhibition will open on April 5th and 6th at Rockford Art Deli, 402 E. State St., Rockford, IL 61104.

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