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Huck Gee's "Wolf Rider (Black Edition)" Custom Munnys!

Back when we first announced that Huck Gee was converting his "Wolf Rider" design into a custom Munny micro edition, we secretly suspected that it wouldn't be a one-time use of the design… after all, that's a lot of work to build a wolf mold only to never use it again! So it comes as no surprise that Gee is teasing a completed set of Black Edition "Wolf Rider" customs now! Just as brilliant as the original run, we anticipate that these will carry the same $1600 per piece price point and will be released in the next 24 hours! If you even want an inkling of a chance of scoring one, join Gee's mailing list (form at the bottom of the page) to be notified when the edition of 10 drops. Oh, and you might be asking how we know that it is a micro edition rather than a one-off, well…