Soujohn from Mai Hiro's insanely cheap "F#@% YOU, PAY ME!" Print!

While the first part of the previously announced Big Payoff print series drops today, there's a surprise addition not part of biweekly series: it appears that the mischievous Hoodley character has "snatched a armful of what he thought was sheets of gold from some art yuppy, but it turned out to be pearlized paper and now he needs to get it off his hands quick; before someone drops a dime on him… cuz he did it in broad daylight of course." So his creator, Soujohn (co-founder of Mai Hiro), did the only thing he could… he hid the evidence by making the brilliant "F#@% YOU, PAY ME!" print over it. Extremely limited and insanely priced, these $1.33 — yes, one dollar and thirty-three cents — 9"x12" prints on Neenah 84lb Pearlized White paper will only be available until 10:33AM Pacific time today (February 1st, 2013) in Soujohn's online store. Hurry, because when the clock strikes 10:34, Soujohn will have to burn any remaining evidence…

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