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Help Shadoe Get Home! E. Ipolani's "Looking For Home" Micro Munny Series

If there's two artists I cannot get enough of right now, it's Shadoe Delgado and Nevada's whimsical creature maker, E. Ipolani. As I'm sure you've heard, Shadoe and his lady are relocating back to Arizona from San Francisco and he's selling a ton of his gorgeous ceramic sculptures at drastically reduced prices to fund the venture. In addition to this, his pal E. Ipolani is making 13 custom Micro Munnys (2.5") as a fundraiser to help get him home. "He's been doing everything he can to make the move as smooth as possible, but we're in tough times and it never hurts to get some help from friends!" Ipolani writes.

Dubbed the "Looking For Home" series, the Munnys each cost $40 with all proceeds going to Shadoe. They'll be available in small batches via Shadoe's shop starting this evening and as of this writing, the first three have already sold. Keep checking back as there's still 10 to go and Ipolani's been working around the clock to finish up the next batch!

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