Full reveal and release of Vannen Watches' CMYK Series "Magenta" watch!

After presenting you a teaser HERE last week, we are proud to present you with the full reveal of Vannen's third CMYK Series watch… which, just like their first "Cyan", and "Black" release, this is also an open edition. That's right, all of Vannen's top notch quality without the worry of the watch selling out before you can snag one. The CMYK Series is their nod to print designers, the name standing for the four-colors used in traditional printing processes: Cyan (Blue), Magenta (Red), Yellow and the Key color (Black). This third watch in the series, Magenta, really is a nice contrast of matte and gloss, and I love how the band holder really pops with the other 4-colors being represented... minimal, simple, sleek. It is up for grabs HERE right now for just $55, and will also be available at authorized retailer locations around the world.

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