JeAA x Creo Design's "Real-time Daydream Manipulation" custom QiQi for ToyCon!

Creo Design has been arranging a custom toy exhibition for ToyCon, the UK's first real Designer Toy convention. Using Creo's QiQi resin figure as a base, he's asked a variety of international customizers to provide their take on it… And we've received our first teaser for the event (which isn't until April 6th, 2013): JeAA's "Real-time Daydream Manipulation." JeAA stayed a bit in his comfort zone, creating a 1/6th scale figure that is tethered to the 3-inch QiQi "monster." While it will be amazing to see a cleaner image of this piece, we actually hear that JeAA did a second QiQi custom for the show as well!

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