"Futura Biotica" custom by TaskOne... is AMAZING!

Above and beyond... that's what I said when I first saw photos of this amazing custom Futura "Nasfaratu" figure by TaskOne... holly smokes did this thing turn out sick!!! Standing at roughly 12" tall, this figure now entitled "Futura Biotica" features a flat black paint job and contains 43 working LED's inside it... yes, 43 lights... WOW!!! It's not very often that you actually see these figures in the wild, let alone customized ones... and something this over the top... forget about it... seriously amazing! This piece will be on display and for sale at the "LAND OF MISFITS" designer toy show December 7 – January 11, 2013 at CVA Gallery... so if you are in or around the NC area, be sure to check this awesome piece out in person!

Photos by Brad Topolewski.

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