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Peter Katos's NYCC Exclusive "One Year Anniversary" colorway!

Peter Kato has been a busy, busy guy! Even after two rounds of New York Comic Con reveals earlier this week — HERE and HERE — Kato still has more amazing resin goodness to share… The above pictured (and self-explanatory) "One Year Anniversary" editions of Turtle Tetsujin, FrightBite & Kawako will be— Hmm, why don't I let Kato tell you himself?:
It's been one year since I've debuted these particular figures (Turtle Tetsujin, FrightBite & Kawako) and wanted to make my 1 year olds a part of the Toy Tokyo NYCC exclusive family this year. Always appreciated the attention and support they have given me while & after working for them (well, Lev). These three figures hold a particular place in my heart as they were really the first to allow me to step into the toy indie scene as a participant. The year since their debut they have offered me a wide range of color variations to play with and had a great time letting them find their audience. So for the "Year One" editions I had produced them in a clear with a tint of black making them a "dark crystal"-like figure.
Made in an extremely limited quantity and not only exclusive to NYCC but specifically to the Toy Toyko Booth, the Turtle Tetsujins will be priced at $20 each while the FrightBites & Kawakos will be only $10 apiece!
And Kato will also appease the comic lovin' crowd with his Smash Tetsujin and Stark Tetsujin figures (pictured below), which recast his popular Turtle Tetsujin platform in Hulk and Iron Man colors. Both of these figures are limited to only 5 copies apiece for the price of $20 each. They will be found in the Onell Design NYCC Booth #3216.

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