Malarky x Satta Skateboards - 'Coffin Cruiser'

Hey New York, Hope you are staying safe and entertained during Sandy. I'm using this time to share some cool with you. Malarky has dropped this rad little board with Satta Skateboards. If I had skills, I would be on this cruising the streets. The Facts: The board is a limited run of ten. It's screen printed by hand feat. Malarky's dead bet graphic, Each board comes with a custom Black & Gold board bag and limited edition sticker pack... and it's Coffin Shaped. OOH!! The Fine Print: Solid black walnut finished with a durable polyurethane laquer Size: 7.5" x 24" Complete Setup Includes: - 56mm Black Cadillac Wheels - ABEC 7 Metal Shielded Bearings - Ace Trucks! Get your coffin cruiser HERE. Check out Satta Skateboards blog!

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