The GALAKTIC DUDE vinyl figure from Chris Dyer!!!

The Galaktic Dude Vinyl Toy from Chris Dyer
Introducing a first for artist Chris Dyer... his Galaktic Dude painting has been transformed into a 10" tall vinyl toy for you to play with! Chris mentions, "As a toy collector, it was a dream of mine to have one of my own, and since no toy companies where knocking on my door to make one, I decided to do it on my own. So for the past couple of months I have been developing this awesome "Galaktic Dude" vinyl action figure, with a manufacturer in China." Featuring moveable arms and head, and includes a skateboard accessory that will all be presented inside of custom artwork packaging/box.
The Galaktic Dude Vinyl Toy from Chris Dyer
Limited to just 100 pieces, and half of that has already been bought from the pre-sale on his webstore... so don't miss out on owning this very special piece and order one of you own HERE right now (Scheduled to start shipping early December) for only $70 a piece... an amazing deal! Chris is a super positive, uplifting dude and a killer artist, so it's rad to see him branch out into his own vinyl toys... with hopefully more on the way!