Travis Louie's Ecto-Stan Bust from Circus Posterus! (plus Travis Lampe sneak peek)

Front and center in the picture is Travis Louie's "Ecto-Stan Bust," which modifies Louie's original Stan Skelve design for the brand new 7-inch tall Circus Posterus bust platform. Cast in resin and hand-painted to completion, there are only 20 of these Ecto-Stan Busts being made. Available now for $250 each, interested customers can send their inquiries to strangerfactorysales [at] gmail [dot] com.

In the background of the photograph you can see Kathie Olivas's resin Calliope figure, which will be at several exhibitions she's in this year, as well as one of the first peeks at Travis Lampe's Skelve design (back left)!

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