Three new kaiju works by Plaseebo for solo show!

The above piece by Bob "Plaseebo" Conge is titled "Zombie Night Gamer," featuring a wonderfully exposed brain and a belly bag filled with slime and glow-in-the-dark guts. And, as you might've guess, it has an internal LED light which gives off a creepy affect… in fact, all three of these new works revealed here have built-in LED lights!
Titled "Skulloctopus Slug," this is a completely redone sculpt of the classic character… with a new larger body and arm sculpt in place, the parts were roto-cast in translucent resin… which is why so much is visible when the lights are off and the LED is on!
The "Alien Night Gamer" mash-up is one strange but fascinating beastie. I'm especially fond of it's light-up belly!

Bob Conge's recent works opens on September 22nd with a reception from 1-5PM and runs through October 20th, 2012 at Phillips Fine Art & Frame, 248 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14604.

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