South Park licensed "Headphonies"... are RAD!!

Am I the only one who thinks this is one of the most perfect pairings in terms of licensing?!?! It appears that the people behind the now defunct Headphonies brand, now called MOBI, has teamed up with South Park to release a line mini-portable speakers that resemble the entire cast of of this quirky television show. The Headphonie shape, or are they called "Beatz Buddiez" now, really lends itself to these guys... even with the 'Headphones' going over the heads that makes it look like ear warming muffs... the thing that really kills me, is the resculpted Cartman body to really convey the - how do we say - big-boned'ness of the figure... too funny! This is an example of licensing done right, IMHO, and is the first Headphonie "Beatz Buddiez" release I am excited about since their product line roll out back in 2008! (This is not our contest BTW, it's just on the image I snagged from their facebook page HERE)

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