Shadoe Delgado's more monstrous Labbit customs!

Shadoe Delgado has found his groove and nitch, transforming vinyl figures into unique sculptural pieces. Above are pictured two of his most recent commissioned 10-inch Labbit pieces — which are even easier to order now, thanks to his newly designed website. The "Gundelgangar" (top), while amazing, does begin that sense of 'seen it before' from Delgado… but then, POW!, he wows you with the "Benignmunch" (below), which is a zombified version of his 'standard' design; I personally love the exposed bone rear leg.

On another note, the previously announced fan-art contest Delgado is holding has had the deadline moved up to October 1st, with already over 30 entries in, and that's when the polling for the winner will begin! Get on it, people! More information is available HERE!

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