Sergio Mancini's custom "Project: Freak Clown" & "Pimpalicious" Dunnys!

Sergio Mancini has completed two commissioned pieces for a private collector, both custom 3-inch Dunnys, entitled "Project: Freak Clown" & "Pimpalicious." I love the disturbing "Project: Freak Clown," done in the architectural style made famous by Mancini's production Dunny… the sculpted elements are wonderful, including the piece of string holding the clown nose in place, and the fact that blood is oozing from the clown's mouth is just perfect. "Pimpalicious" is less my style, but certainly just as well done, especially when it comes to all the hair he needed to create! If you're lucky enough to score a Mancini custom, then you know you have quality!

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