Podgy Panda x Cris Rose - Podgonauts (Edition C) Sriracha! Ed. of 3 resin robos

Well look who's back in action... and per our post HERE last Friday, we are ready to share with you all the juicy details of the new release from PodgyPanda and Cris Rose... The Podgonauts edition C which comes in the ever so HOT "Sriracha" colorway!
"The Podgonauts have found themselves in a very spicy situation, they've run into the planet of Sriracha! Not knowing their own spice levels, the poor sods have decided to try a bit of Sriracha.. to amusing results! (tad too spicy for them I think!) That'll teach 'em! Podgonaut Edition C comes in the form of the Panda Exploration Corp, dressed in a sriracha jumpsuit each with a laser engraved disc embedded in their chest. They also have articulated head and removable dome."
Limited to just 3 pieces, these hand-cast, hand-painted, resin figures measure 3" tall x 3.5" x 3.5", have an articulated head with a removable dome, and are set to go up for sale HERE this Thursday, September 13th 2012 at 10am PST for $140USD + shipping!

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