More Android Series 3 reveals from Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, and Kelly Denato!!!

One things certain... you take a few days off from looking at a website that promises to update daily, and BOOM, you are instantly behind. No worries though... we just lumped all the stuff we missed into one great post, and above is just that... greatness! With new designs from Andrew Bell, and his "Sir Knightly Bild" which features a bearded hero rocking some nice looking armor, Gary Ham's "Whoogle The Owl", that has some very simplistic design elements to form a clean looking owl'droid, and the very creative work from Kelly Denato and her "Pandroid" figure which comes with a mythical flute accessory... really cool!!! All 3 of these designs are really nice and are part of Series 3... which by the way is up for grabs HERE right now... so go stock up!

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