Menace Inc. Studios's "The Rise of Samhain" resin figures revealed with release dates!!!

Jeff Beck of Menace Inc. Studios just sent over the final pictures of his resin "Samhain" head, which we showcased HERE, and now we get a look at all 13 colorways, along with a list of the names... which includes: Chocolate Dipped • Halloween Orange • Crimson • Orange Skeleton • Purple Skeleton • Green Skeleton • Purple Brew • Gargoyle Stone • Green Licorice • Candy Corn • Glow in the Dark 1 • Glow in the Dark 2 • Black Smoke!!! The first 5 people that order one will be able to choose which colorway they want as long as someone doesn't pick a duplicate... if that is the case, then Jeff will go to the person and tell them to pick their second choice! Once the first 5 people order, the remaining 6-13 will be blind bagged and shipped. These will be up for grabs HERE on Monday, October 1st at 1pm EST for just $15 a pop!!!

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