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Huck Gee's "Red" Chardmonster... revealed!

Huck Gee teased some images a while back, we posted about them HERE, and today we get the full scoop on this figure release. The first release must of been a success for Huck to roll out this "Red" version of this odd looking character, so for all you fans out there... now is the time to pull the trigger.
Today the trap was found empty. Nobody quaffed. Both bottles still full, not a drop has been lost. No sad soul will join me in my pursuit to get tossed. Another night all alone, lazily skipping square rocks. Perhaps just a sip, a quick hit of the blush. The red stuff it helps, it erases regret. It assists with the blur, makes me misstep and sweat. To make the boring more fun and easily… what? The bottle’s now empty? How could that happen? I swear it was right here, hasn’t left my sight for a second. Perhaps I’ll sit down, I’ll just take a moment, rest on my laurels til my eyes stop a twirling.” 
This version, unlike the previous "Gray" version, has X'ed out eyes... but that is where the differences end... everything else is pretty much the same except for the color! This edition is limited to 10 pieces, comes signed, numbered, includes shown accessories and comes padded and packaged! This is still not my favorite piece from Huck, but if you are interested, you can drop $750 on it... just email sales@huckgee.com ASAP to reserve your figure and make payment arrangements.

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