Martin Hsu's "Dragon Boy" Asia tour recap!

Artist Martin Hsu has traveld all around the world, and has recently landed back in the states! He was over in Asia for a whole month where we provided some pictures from his previously announced "Dragon Boy GO!" exhibition... and today he shares with us a few more little visual nuggets! Check out the size of that "Black & Gold" Dragon Boy Statue... it's beautiful! He tells us
"I have too many people to thank so couldn't resist on making this doodle on my last day in Taiwan to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone I met on this trip! It was also really nice seeing a comic convention outside of the US like STGCC. Super cool meeting local artists and designers who are passionate about art and design toys like the folks from Flab Slab and Vinyl on Vinyl. There was nothing but love!"
Martin seems to be really busy with not only catching up with his life here back in the states, but with upcoming projects as well... but don't worry folks, he plans on keepin us here at SS.com up to date, so any info he passes along, we will pass it right back along to you! Welcome home Martin, and we all look forward to your next venture!

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