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Sucklord invades Bravo! And his shop is magically full!

We've been teasing you for a while that the one-and-only Sucklord would be returning to television on this "new" BravoTV reality show "Gallery Girls", which follows seven young women who dream of breaking into the cutthroat world of New York City gallery life. Last night's episode of the show featured Chantal and Claudia, two of the co-owners of the End Of Century gallery and 'cast members' of the show, hosting the Sucklord's Occupy Cybertron exhibition. You can watch this episode of the series on Amazon right now for $1.99, though I wish Bravo would put it up for free… Alas.

On a similar note, the Suckadelic Store has been filled with Occupy Cybertron goodies… including the handful of pieces from the show itself that went unsold. Go forth and spend, Suck Minions, go forth and spend…

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