Darren Clegg's custom "Samurai" & "Disco Head" Mini Munny figures

This scene never stops growing and, as far as I'm concerned, we should always welcome new people into with open arms. Darren Clegg is a self-proclaimed customizing "n00b" but that didn't stop him from creating some solid first pieces out of 4-inch Mini Munnys. His "Samurai" (left) is cool looking and has some great dot shading, but the design does reek of Jon-Paul Kaiser — who Clegg is friends with and receives encouragement & support from. On the other hand, his "Disco Head" (right) is pretty cool, though it does unfortunately arrive out on the heels of a very similar design by ikar11 that we reported on a week or two ago. I hope Clegg keeps at it and continues to push himself…

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