Check this bottle out! OOH --> Absolut x Dr.Lakra

Gotta show love and appreciation to packaging!! We are design nerds here at SpankyStokes... tee hee... especially when it involves artist collaborations! Dr. Lakra was commissioned to create a beaut' of a bottle for Absolut. This was a new artist discovery for me, love when that happens. I dig his style. The bottle pays homage to his traditionalism and his native lands, featuring Balam, the jaguar, an invincible warrior that illuminated the Earth during the day and fought in the underworld at night, KuKulkan, the Feathered Serpent conqueror and founder of the Mayan civilization, and Hurakan, god’s wind, storm, and fire!!!

Watch this video, unfortunately for me, there is a language barrier but I appreciate the eye candy of his studio space in Mexico, the inspiration, the process and the result.

Source [12oz Prophet] Images [HypeBeast]

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