"The Chardmonster" revealed from Huck Gee

Taking a step outta the norm... artist Huck Gee just revealed his latest custom project, and I for one was not expecting this! We had previously posted up teasers HERE and HERE which really showcased many of the tiny elements of this piece, and now... "The Chardmonster" has been revealed for all to see.
"Gather round close. Pull up your cloaks. Stoke the fire. Raise a toast. Are the tales true? Here, here in these woods? With bottles of mischief and magical goods! He shuffles, he stumbles, he watches and waits. He lurks and he drinks and he'll keep us up late. Keep away! Keep away! Nobody's safe! The Chardmo, the Chardmo, the Chardmonster's here!" - said nobody, never.
Alright... so I gotta be honest with ya, I feel a little underwhelmed with this release. The teasers really had me guessing, and wondering, what it could be... and I was really stoked on it because it seemed different... and that aspect did not fall short, because it really is different. That being said, I do like that Huck broke away from the normal pieces that we see from him time and time again, but something about it does not seem up to par with what Huck usually produces. Each figure is signed, numbered, and includes shown accessories and comes padded and packaged in its own hand assembled and laser etched wooden box and then boxed within another shipping box. There are 10 of these, and each one is retailing for $750 per figure. If interested email sales@huckgee.com ASAP to reserve your figure. So what are your thoughts, do you dig what you see?

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