Suckcases for your Sucklord figures… Gotta protect the Suck!

You've spent a small fortune buying your wonderful Sucklord figure collection and you've decided to keep them on the backing boards… since that's what it's all about. But how do you display those bad boys?!? Step in the Galactic Jerkbags, the Suckadelic fan site, who have worked with DKE Toys to produce the Suckcases (shown above)! Keep your figure dust free while the runners inside the case keep the backing card standing straight and a wall mount tab on the back lets you, well, wall mount it. Each case is $15 plus shipping and, if you want one or more, just drop an e-mail to analog101 [at] hotmail [dot] com specifying the number of cases you want and where they will be shipped to; he'll get back to you with a total shipping amount.

Please note, these cases will work on most Sucklord releases, but there are known issues with: Rodimus Prime (due to the placement of the bubble), Sucklord Zero (due to the thickness of the book) and — able to fit just not inside the runners — Toht, Kreactivaders and the Cosmo Douche. In some extremely rare instances, the backing board of a figure outside of this list may have been improperly cut which will lead to problems housing it in the case properly.

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