Suck Out presents the "Little Fu*ker" ltd edition plush!

WARNING: If you are offended by a word that starts with "F," ends with "uck" and isn't "Firetruck" then please skip reading this posting. No, seriously, you're about to see that word a LOT here…

UK artist Ben "Suck Out" Normanton is preparing to unleash a Little Fucker upon the universe at large; pictured above, the simple plush figure — which is reminiscent of the Shawnimals plushform but shows some variation — known as Little Fucker is coming to town. Limited to a mere 50 copies worldwide, these fucking cool looking pieces will come bagged with a header card and packaged with a "Certificate of Adoption." Yes, you can't buy your own Little Fucker… you've got to adopt the bastard! Lovely, right? The figures go on sale today (August 8th) at 11AM PST in Suck Out's online shop
[Image and some information courtesy of the Clutter Magazine blog.]

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