Shinbone Creative vs. Stroll... part 1

In a continued effort to push my website and brand to the next level, I decided to team up with the talented Scott W. over at Shinbone Creative to take my Stroll figure into a new realm... and above is the very first proof we got back. Just like with traditional materials, the first thing that Scott does is put together a rough massing model. There's no detail here, just big blobs of geometry that are easy to push and pull depending on the feedback from the designer. The next step is to address notes and concerns such as "feet/legs should be longer, arms closer to the body, and the horns shorter and angled more, make the body 20% larger, angle the feet outwards". These are easy changes to make, because there is no detail to damage. This is an ongoing process of alot of push and pull and I have already put in some submissions for changes on what you see above... and Scott and I both thought it would be a great way to document the process from concept to completion of what his awesome company offers in terms of turning your art into a toy. So keep your eyes peeled for the next 3D concept with revisions, and join me as the SpankyStokes Stroll comes to life.

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