Pre-Order your Felt Mistress "Creature Couture" Book!

Blank Slate books and Felt Mistress have teamed up to bring you "Creature Couture"!!!!! Take a peek at these sample spreads from the book. So much cool. My eyes can't take it! The book is 400 pages of brilliance. Photos, sketches and anything you want to know about character design from this mistresses P.O.V. - Not to mention, the cool co-labs with other folk we like a lot such as Jon Burgerman, Pete Fowler, Ben Newman, Jon Knox and Nobrow.

OOH OOH WAIT. There's more... Crazylabel have produced a limited Blank Slate exclusive edition vinyl toy!!! We LIKE vinyl toys... yesssss, This toy goes by the name, Tippy Winkles (seen in prototype form above)!! This chap is limited to just 250 this is available as a special edition bundle along with the book. Just when you thought the excitement was over... THOSE OF YOU who got your pre-prder on may win the "Felt Ticket". Finders keepers, losers will weep indeed. The winner who finds it inside their book wins Elspeth Frond - the cover star of the book!

Wowee. That was way too much excitement for me... What are you kids waiting for??

Source [Felt Mistress]

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