Mujuworld's Mini Forest & Ocean Guardians dropping Monday!

As we'd previously reported HERE and HERE, the fantastic Mujuworld duo will be releasing a first wave of their Mini Guardian figures in both the Forest (pictured above) and Ocean colorways. Each of these 4.5-inch tall figures are hand-cast in "plant-based, non-toxic bio-resin" and then hand-painted, resulting in a limited amount being produced… we're told that only 8 copies of the Mini Forest Guardian will be available in this first release and we're assuming a similar number is true for the Mini Ocean Guardian. But fear not, Miss Muju has confirmed that they will be "plenty more Mini Guardians coming out of the studio this year!" The initial release of these figures will happen Monday, August 20th, 2012 at 5AM PST, and the pieces will cost a mere £28 (approx. $44) each in the Mujuworld online shop.

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