More WIP customs by Chauskoskis for the "Beasts & Oddities" Dragatomi art show!

As we'd previously mentioned, opening in a couple of weeks, Chauskoskis and Southerndrawl have a custom art show entitled "Beasts & Oddities" opening at Dragatomi. Pictured above are two fantastic work-in-progress (WIP) pieces by Walter "Chauskoskis" Jacott for the occassion; which, unless I'm wrong, are a custom 3-inch Devilrobots "Tofo" Dunny (left) and a custom 3.5-inch Teddy Troops piece (right). Both are absolutely stunning, though — I must admit — the grass hairdo for the Dunny piece is completely up my alley…

"Beasts & Oddities," the Southerndrawl and Chauskoskis show, opens on September 8th, 2012 at Dragatomi, 2317 J St., Sacramento, CA 95816.

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