MCA x Toy2R - "Qee-Zilla" mini-qee revealed!!!

Ohhhhh!!!! We teased you all back in January of 2012 HERE about a brand new Mini-Qee that Toy2R was working on with MCA... well, today all has been revealed via MCA's blog and as you can see, "Qee-Zilla" is ready to wreck havoc!
The basic concept & inspiration from MCA for the Qee-Zilla Kid is the wide open imagination we all have as kids. To be more specific, this design is particularly inspired by memories he has of watching ‘Creature Double Feature’ on a local Boston TV station on Saturday afternoons & seeing classic monster movies for the first time. After watching any shows or movies as a kid you always would later pretend to be that person, animal or monster when you are playing. Picture a young boy watching a Japanese monster movie for the first time, being completely blown away by it and then spending the next week imagining what it would be like be one of those Creatures, this is what the Qee-Zilla kid is all about.
I really like what MCA did here, and on the production side from Toy2R... how perfect did this turn out! This 5" figure embodies all that is the magic and power of imagination and fun, and can be in your collection very soon! Orders are currently being accepted by contacting Toy2R (info@toy2r.com)... so act fast!

Source [MCA]

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