Josh Marlar's "Sacrifive" Sculpture for Munky King show!

Crafted for the "Memories Are Made Of This" group art show, Josh "Binary Drones" Marlar's creature creation is a sculpt-from-scratch evil tree stump known as "Sacrifive." Formed out of standard super sculpey and then airbrushed for coloration, this fantastic piece carries with it quite the childhood memory:
I was around 7 or 8 (if I remember correctly) when my left hand was almost eaten by this stump in the front yard of my grandmothers house…At the time we had been stuck in doors for almost a week because of a crazy rain storm. We were so excited to get outside as fast as we could. So what is the first thing that I do? I challenge my sister to a race to the ole swing set. Of course I wasn't thinking about the stump that was in the middle of the hill heading to the swing set but it def. caught my attention (if you catch my drift). I ended up falling, shielding myself with my hands by putting them out in front of me to catch my fall. The stumps core had some breakage that was not cut flat. That breakage pierced into my hand. Next, you can probably guess what happened, hospital, surgery, stitches, the whole nine yards. I don't remember much after the fall. Just the doctors in and out working on my hand. Weeks with stitches, hot alcohol rinses and bandages, I learned a lesson. Let your sister go first, just kidding. Don't hurry out into the sun, that greed will catch up to you.
Marlar's "Sacrifive" will be available at the show for $145.

"Memories Are Made Of This" opens on August 18th, 2012 with a reception from 4-8PM. It doubles as a 13th Birthday celebration for Super Cooper Berella and a final "Hurrah!" for Munky King before they close their Melrose location at the end of the month.

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