JELLY & ROBOTS!!! Time to Nerd Out.

In the motherland I grew up with a huge appreciation for jelly... not JAM..I'm referring to the wobbly stuff. Bompass & Parr are amongst my favorite British gastronomists in the world of edible creations. Therefore, I'm excited to see these chaps team up with Sony Xperia to make the worlds most expensive robots. JELLY ROBOTS... and no, these are not the Jelly Empire.

The robots were created as part of Wes Anderson's "Made of Imagination" ad and Sony giveaway. The premise of the project being the ‘Xperiabots’ escaped and are hiding around the UK waiting to be found in return for Sony prizes. FUN. Three of the missing robots were created by Bompass & Parr at £6000 each! Those who found the jelly robots got to keep, stare at or have a giant jelly and ice-cream fest! Well jells indeed.

Source [Notcot]

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