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Hoakser's custom "Sloblife Episide 3" Munny… The show must go on!

UK-based artist Hoakser has returned to one of most popular designs for the third time… Sloblife, Sloblife2 and the freshly made "Sloblife Episode 3" (pictured above and below). Using a custom Munny body with a Simpsons TV set for a head, the original version had no articulation at the neck (which Hoakser fixed in the following two version) and neither of the previous versions had a bendable wire coming from the TV (which this third version does)… it's an experiment in refinement and evolution. I kinda expect the four version to include some form of lighting within the TV head to fully show off those interchangeable TV screen transparencies. "Sloblife Episode 3" is available now in Hoakser's online shop for £65 (approx. $102).

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