David Ten's "Mini Spider Bot" Steampunk Mechanized Sculpture Release!

When you say the word "steampunk" within the Designer Toy world, it's almost impossible not to think of Doktor A… and while David Ten of the 10th Street Gallery certainly was inspired by steampunk, and quite possibly Doktor A, I feel he's taken the very broad concept on a personalized journey; or, in other words, he put his own spin on it. Set to be released in an edition of 10 copies — including 2 variants — Ten is gearing up for his first "toy" release: the Mini Spider Bot. Each faux mechanized figure stands 4-inches tall and 5.5-inches wide, coming with the glass dome and wood display base. While these pieces aren't cheap — $150 each to be specific — they certainly look to be worth the expense for a fan of the style. The Mini Spider Bots will go on sale August 21st HERE.

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