Battle of the Mascots Series 2… now with Stuart Witter, Squink, RunDMB & more!

You might recall the "Battle of the Mascots" blind boxed custom series, wherein a bevy of talented artists turned their skills towards the 3-inch Bot platform. Now for their second series, the concept of Good vs. Evil has been abandoned for the age old query: Old vs. New.

The returning team ("Old") consists of Series 1 contributors Commandate Dante Herrera, MatCanDraw, Sekure D, Nikejerk, AlexBreak, Don P, JFury, JC Rivera and Fuller with The Loz Boz replacing Hugh Rose in the line-up. The upstart membership ("New") is Charles Rodriguez, Stuart Witter, Color Chemist, El Hooligan, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Squink, Jar, RunDMB, MaloApril and Nugglife.

Set to be released near the end of 2012, there is no word yet if each of these 20 artists will do 5 customs (as one the method in Series 1)… which would mean 100 blind boxes! Can't wait to find out more!

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