JMAX!'s The Android Project (TAP) custom series of weathered & worn bots!

Relative newcomer Justin "JMAX!" Maxwell has hit the ground running with his "The Android Project," or TAP for short. As you can see in the above pictures, Maxwell has developed a solid technique to make those tiny vinyl forms look like battered, weathered, abandoned, worn machines, which do have a strangely funny backstory…
In 2092 Google stock crashed and the company was purchased by IBM. Thus the Androids were rendered useless. The remaining Androids have banded together and run rogue in the streets destroying IBM ATM's. They also plan of returning Google to it's dominate state as we know it today by hostile take over of Bing-hoo. Together, the Androids are known as...TAP!
Maxwell's only made four pieces in this series so far, but nearly had an immediate sell out in his online shop at $60 each. If you'd like a piece of your own, before other's find him and drive the price up even higher, then you can commission work from him at mxw82 [at] aol [dot] com.

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