Frank Kozik's "Goon Squad" Mini Busts from Kidrobot!

Like most people, you've surely lusted after some of those amazing Frank Kozik busts… but at $200+ each, not everyone can afford to splurge on one. Enter Kidrobot with a solution: 4-inch mini busts! Each of the five designs is cast as a solid, single color piece of vinyl and you get to choose with dictator you want: The Pyong Yang Player, DJ Aya-Holla, Lil Ilych, The Gipper, or The Havana Slammer. Though each does come in an assortment of colors — electric blue, magenta, yellow, black and white — which you don't decide on. But retailing for a mere $9.95 each, how can you pass these up when they drop on July 26th?

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