Designer Toys 101: What's a Munny?

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Slowly but surely you're hopefully learning about this community, so let's start putting what you know together: we've gone over, in very broad terms, what a Designer Toy is and figured out what Blind Boxed means, so let's look at a Blind Boxed Designer Toy… the Munny. Hit the jump to read the full article.

Munnys are a Designer Toy platform (base design) that are released by a company named Kidrobot. It gets tricky in that when people talk about Munnys, they might actually be talking about any of five designs that are part of "Munnyworld":
The "Munny" proper is made to resemble a man, the "Bub" is a stylized hippo, "Trikky" is a cat, the "Raffy" is a giraffe, and "Rooz" is meant to be a baby kangaroo. But they are all considered Munnys. It's weird, I know. They are all made out of vinyl, with easy to detach arms and heads (except the "Raffy" who doesn't have arms). They are all available in two heights: 4-inches tall (the Mini Munny) and 7-inches tall (the regular Munny), but the proper "Munny" figure also has a massive 20-inch tall version! And — as was previously mentioned — they are all sold Blind Boxed. You can choose which 'character' out of the five you want, but each one comes with a random accessory… like a hat or a baseball bat.

But the part that probably immediately caught your attention was this: they are all blank white (though there are some Munnys in other solid colors). Munnys are what are called Do-It-Yourself (or DIY) Designer Toys, but that's a topic for next time…

Next Week: What's a Custom?

Designer toys used in the example set are:Munnyworld characters all produced by Kidrobot

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