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THARP & Teodoru Badiu's custom Dudes from Dudebox!

To celebrate the launch of Dudebox's "Dude" figure, the company asked several customizers to create something on the platform… and it looks like THARP had a lot of fun with it. There are tons of cute elements mingling and interplaying with each other to form the full design and it came out great looking. THARP even comments that he liked "that there was plenty of room [on the large figure] to make multiple characters and still maintain a overall main character" and it certainly appears he's 100% right.
And while THARP was at the London launch event, Teodoru Badiu was at Vienna's Sixxa Store for their party. Teodoru's custom has quite a bit of sculptural elements added to the base design but it still easily show's how versatile this simple form is going to be. While not as 'clean' as THARP's take, I like a lot of the elements in Teodoru's version: the pattern under the eyes, the heart-shaped plumage, the simply but wonderful beak. Needless to say, the 'Dude' is going to be a figure to watch…

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