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'Sneakerskinz'... are out NOW!!!!

Alright folks... we just got an update about a recent product we posted about HERE a few weeks back and now the DIY system known as Sneakerskinz are available to purchase!!! That is non permanent, yet very durable solution to customizing your kicks! The idea is that with the Sneakerskinz you can practically have a new custom Sneaker every week. Utilizing the same pair of kicks!!! It's also intended for young teens who want to customize there own kicks but don't necessarily have the skills or the cash to do it themselves. It's not intended for pros... but I can see some going all out on them! Head on over to the Sneakerskinz Facebook page HERE to see what others are doing, and if you want to get some yourself, hit up their site HERE and pull the trigger so you can start customizing some kicks yourself!!!

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