Nikejerk's Most Wanted Series 3 custom revealed! Possibly…

This isn't an official reveal of Nikejerk's 3" Dunny for the Most Wanted Series 3 set, rather it's clean pictures of the radically & amazingly customized pieces from his "Arr-Manda Too!" for the currently displayed "Most Wanted: Behind The Hype" gallery show. That said, it looks strikingly close (if not exactly like) the MW3 piece we can see in pictures from the group exhibit. So, I'm guessing, it just might be the same design. I'm also going to go out on a limb and guess that his Most Wanted 3 piece is entitled "Arr-Manda," thus giving the 8" version's title a little more meaning with the addition of "Too" at the end.

The piece is made to resemble (and work like) a Matryoshka doll (better known as a Russian nesting doll): the 3" Dunny splits in half — held together by magnets — allowing the customized Zipper Pull piece to reside inside. Wanna see how it will work?
Above is actually Nikejerk's prototype for his first "Hide-a-Dunny" rejected submission to MW3. It does provide a full fledged feel for how the nesting system works and what it looks like. Strangely, I think I like the Yeti more myself… but that could just be because I'm a sucker for cryptozoology.

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